Sunday, March 4, 2012

I got my Daddy's grin.

 If you know my Dad, you know I look like him.  Truth is, I act like him every once and awhile too.  This is a few sweet little memories I jotted down as a poem/song. 

I got my Daddy's grin
Oh yes I did

And there sure is plenty more
where that came from

I got his hands, yeah
They got lines like his

And I walk with a smile in my step.

I like my coffee dark
and the windows down

I like to drive around in a sleepy town
and turn my headlights off in the moonlight

I walk a little proud
and I talk a little loud

But you just might sure know
what I'm thinking

And if a storm was on its way
I would say, put your umbrella away
cus I need to feel that rain upon my face.

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