Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"You are my bride..." #2

I hear it again, "You are my bride.."

and I see a wedding ceremony.

A bride beaming up at her Groom...ready,eager….not to put a ring on his finger....but to put her heart in his hands.

She trusts him. She believes him.  She grabs onto the promises leaving his lips and places them into the protected places of her heart.  They fit there.  She knows that he is for her, and she is not worried about it being any other way.  With him, she knows she is beautiful.  She is special.  She is longed for.  She is adored.  She is protected.  She has purpose.

and I know in this moment that He is saying that to me.


We let fear, rejection, doubt, and many other things cloud his words, mask his promises.  Even in this analogy I think of failed marriages.  I know a thing or two about that. 

The thing is, He doesn't change, we do.

You always hear in church, that the Bible is the "Love letter" to us.  I felt like tonight in my vision in my kitchen, while simply putting crackers away...He was saying, "My promises do not fail, they never falter, you can put your very life on it."  "It's ok."  "Choose me always."   And I felt like he was giving me another glimpse into this whole bride thing, and telling me that if I am a bride, I can and should act like it.  Maybe I should walk in faith and DECLARE the things that He is, even when I don't know how to believe in them…..I'm learning….He's becoming more real than the world and beliefs that I'm accustomed to. 

And I felt like I just wanted to play that game where you fall backwards and you trust that the person will catch you….except I KNEW with everything in me that I would be caught by Him every time. 

As I'm writing this, I realize that when I know it's Him speaking or moving….I always say, "I knew it with everything in me."  It's the only way I can express how much I know it down in my soul.  There is nothing else to compare it to, there is nothing tangible that comes close.  The only other thing I would ever describe that way is loving my children.  It's the only other thing "I know with everything in me." 

So yeah, I will choose to hold fast to the promises that He has spoken to me…I believe that he will heal me right up (and I will extend this over my family because I can)…I believe that I will have a life and a love like I have never known (because He told me).  And when it doesn't look like it, or the winds blow the wrong way, or I get scared…I will remember He has already done it.  YES and AMEN!