Friday, September 24, 2010

He gives us the desires of our heart. Yes, yes, he does.

Looking at your 5 year old daughter while she tells you that she really wants to have a pet, and by wants I mean LONGS with everything in her.  You explain to her, that the place you are renting doesn't allow pets.  That you are sorry.  Thinking, that you don't have the time, much less the energy, and of course the fact that your bank account hangs out around, um, not a lot.  So you get fish.  You hope it helps.  It does for a little bit. Until she realizes that she can't hold them….the longing comes back. The big sad eyes come back.  A pet is the desire of her heart. 

I begin praying for a pet.  Praying for the right fit, something we can legally have, as well as one I think I can manage without losing my sanity.  I remember the bird we grew up with. We loved that thing…you could hold it, pet it, and it doesn't poop in your neighbors yard. perfect. Now about the money, and finding one that doesn't bite your animal loving daughter. 

Our dear friend Katie puts a word in at Petco, because she used to work there. Simply asking if they would keep an eye out for a nice bird that can be held.  Time goes by.  Shai asks about a pet everyday.  She starts randomly crying about the dog that she had, that needed to go to a new home.  My heart breaks for her. But what can I do right now?…Not really anything. That's ok, I don't have to.  Katie gets a call from Petco.  They have a bird.  He likes to be held. She goes and checks him out.  He rides to our house on HER SHOULDER.  He is stunning, kind, adorable, mellow, and does not bite my children. 

Did I mention that he was FREE, and came with a very nice FREE cage.

Oh, and he is a LOVEBIRD. Coincidence?… I think not.

Meet Bill. 

Psalm 37:4  Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.