Thursday, December 1, 2011

In His own words. who knew.

I wrote this a few weeks ago.  Doubt, unbelief, and probably a little shame made me hesitate from posting it.  I don't need those downers, and neither do you.  I can't deny that he speaks to me, as crazy as it is, or how unworthy I might feel to be the recipient...doesn't change that it is my reality.  So here it is:

My friend was getting ready to go on a retreat with high school girls.  She was letting me in on some of the details…she shared that sometime over the weekend, they would be writing a letter FROM God. 

I have written many letters TO God.

And I have heard him speak to me.  So I know he does.  Loud and clear.  But, I would never be so presumptuous to actually start penning a letter "FROM Him".

Until he told me to.

Kara, You are brave.  You are kind.  You are strong.  You are like nothing I've ever made or seen before.  You are love, you are compassion.  You are knitted together with an everlasting love.  You are capable.  You are the only YOU.  You are exactly what I want you to be.  You are mine.  I do not make mistakes.  I do not give up.  I do not run out.  My hands are a sacred place for your heart to rest.

I will not stop pursuing you.  I will not stop woo-ing you. 

Trust in me. 

I challenge you to write a letter from God.  I promise that if you ask with an open, willing, believing heart…he will give you HIS words.  And there aren't any sweeter.

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