Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I have been praying for patience.  And by praying I mean…using a screaming tone in my head, and sometimes even out loud that says…. "Please God give me patience or something that resembles peace and me not me losing it."  My children have both been celebrating their independence lately.  Jesus help.

So I have been throwing this patience word around, half trusting that maybe I'll get some…

I'm so glad He meets me where I am.

I was reading my bible in James today…and in the notes it says, "Patience is not a passive resignation to adverse circumstances, but a positive steadfastness that bravely endures."  Aaaa-men!

Passive resignation:  I will try not to scream out loud this time, spank my child out of anger, and half hope that I can simmer down. 


Steadfastness that bravely endures:  I will hold my head high, place this circumstance in the hands of the Creator of ALL Things, ask for wisdom, smile at the amazing gifts that I have been given, and be thankful that there is a bigger plan than I could know.  I will know without a shadow of a doubt that even if my 3 year old is screaming, or whining, or testing everything I have known, I WILL KNOW…that I have not failed her.  And even WHEN I do fail her, I lean on HIM who never does. 

Deep breath. We got this.