Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let the winds blow.

There is this song called Let The Winds Blow by Misty Edwards.  It is beautiful.  It grabs your and soul shakes it up.  The words make you want to jump in the ocean without a life jacket and just let God speak right to you.  The first time I heard it, I had been talking to Jesus all day everyday, he was literally all I thought about.  So I sang this song out loud with everything in me, and told God to have his way…have his way with every part of my being.  And even in trials, I would be turned right towards his face.

Fast forward a couple months.  The winds started blowing.  The trials came.  And though I'll never leave him again,  my faith wavered a little.  Not my faith in God.  That will not happen.  But my faith that I was on the right track, my faith that he would step in, my faith that he cares enough about little old me.  Well, that's the great thing about him.  He's always faithful.  Even when I am horrible at it.  I was  out in that ocean, and the waves were crashing, and I could barely catch my breath.  At one point I said in my head…"Man, if you would just step in…All I could do is worship."….and then he whispered in the soft Dad voice that knows so much more than I do.  You already know who I am.  You already know what I do…

How could I not already be worshiping and living out of overflowing thankfulness!….Well, my heart changed…and even in my financial disarray, even in life's scary ups and downs, even when I don't want to watch my friends hurt…my thankfulness could burst, and I worshiped my creator.   I worshiped him for who he is, for how far I have come, for what I have now, for what he has already done.  I live a blessed life and I am so thankful for it.

And wouldn't you know…he showed me in actions that he heard my praises.  He showered me.  Rained his love and blessing all over me.  The wind came.  The weather shifted, it blew in my face.  I heard his voice.  Someone handed me money when it was not expected at all.  He always does that when my face is turned towards his. 

I am just plain thankful, and I pray I stay that way.

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