Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Mothers Day Ya-ya's

So I'm writing out Mothers Day cards.  And I start thinking of some AMAZING Mothers.  OH man, I just sit for a bit and revel in the fact that I know some rockin' women.  Powerhouses.  Fighters. Women that walk paths that have not been traveled before.  And then I think of patience, tenacity, genius, grace, and sheer will.  Which of course brings my mind to the yaya's...Lastly I think of unconditional love.  This is the thread that holds this group buttoned to the same garment. 

Carli Ray.  You are first, I think, because you have 4.  F-O-U-R.  four.  That in itself should be enough to get some kind of trophy.  I don't have a trophy.  But if I did, I promise you would be the recipient.  I really LOVE the fact that you have four wildly amazing girls, but that does not make you a great parent.  What makes you a great parent… is your tender voice that oozes patience.  The same voice that calls out the most endearing nicknames I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.  How I feel about your motherly voice is the same way I feel about your beautiful handwriting.  It is perfection.  Thank you for homeschooling your babies.  Thank you for loving them with everything in you.  Thank you for being fun.  Thank you for your faith. Thank you for being a commander of justice.  Thank you for reminding me, that to be a good parent, sometimes you have to remember being a kid.  Makes me want to run through the sprinklers. I love you. 

Carli.  What I love about you being a Mommy, is very similar to what I love about you being a friend.  And that is, that you do not waver, from being YOU.  In your presence there is always Jesus, worship music, baking, your amazing garden,  an open house, the ocean, something involving being loud or carefree.  In your presence there is a thick passion for dare and adventure.  The best part is, we don't have to leave the couch to feel it.  Thank you for naming your babies names that mean something wonderful and powerful.  Thank you for loving them before they were ever thought of.  Thank you for pollywoggin'.  Thank you for being you.  Thank you for not caring about dirt, actually encouraging it :)  Thank you for the free spirit in you, that you give freely to your kids, and mine.  I love you. 

Marcelle.  Thinking about your parenting, reminds me of watching you eat, or tell a story, or describe a situation.  Bottom line, you do it with everything in you, and you do it right.  Nothing is left out.  I love that about you, and how blessed Meira is for it.  You will have the best, but you will also have fun…and sometimes you will just downright let go of the rules.  I'll have you know, that every word in the first paragraph of this little note…applies directly to you.  The grace you have as a parent, and especially regarding this year of your life…has humbled me to the floor.  The innovation that you have shown so that Meira has the life you dream of for her, is a beautiful picture of Jesus' love in my life.  Thank you for being part hippie.  Thank you for being organic.  Thank you for having style.  Thank you for being selfless.  Thank you for loving the simple things.  Thank you for being the one that bought a kid leash.  I love you.

Quite honestly, I probably could have written 3 novels….describing what I love about you as Mothers, and friends. 

But I really just want to say that you inspire, motivate, and capture me.  Happy Mothers Day.

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  1. You, my friend, would get the trophy in my book. You have modeled something so forgotten and your girls live it through you everyday... FAITH. Not just "I have faith that God is who He says He is." You have INCREDIBLE faith that God is your provider, protector, woo-er, your world LITERALLY revolves around your hope and faith in Him. This is the most important gift you can show your babies- They get to see miracles everyday. I admire your strength, that once again comes from the Heavenlies. You are mighty, an overcomer. Being real and free and fun is how I would describe you. Your kids are so blessed...

    (Dying and LOLing about the kid leash!!!)