Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Throw this Mama from this train.

I have been chatting with Jesus lately about his way and my way.  I feel like he's been telling me that my way is pretty pathetic.  Everything that I could do in my own power…is worthless.  It might look good on the outside, satisfy for half a second.  But all in all, it's pathetic.  He said it lovingly though.

So I asked about his way.  And for some reason, he showed me two trains.  My train looks like a beat up subway.  His looks like angels made it.  It was a quick vision…and it's really not about the trains.  It's really about his time and my time.  When I work in my time I get stressed out, feel unworthy, incapable, and tired.  I feel depleted.  I feel like I'm treading water.  But when I step into his time I feel like I float.  Like it couldn't get better.  Like the blessing won't run out.  BECAUSE IT WON'T.  I don't get to say what comes tomorrow…and I don't know when I leave this earth…but I KNOW that he is good.  And he doesn't change.  And he keeps speaking, guiding, helping, captivating.  WHEN WE LET HIM.  WHEN WE CHOOSE HIM.

I was talking to my friend the other day about a saying that everyone throws around…"God won't give you more than you can handle"…I don't have a scripture reference for this…I don't know if there is one, and I'm not asking for one.  What struck me, is that everyone says this.  People that discredit God, or don't even believe in him.  And then injustice rose in me and I yelled…"You don't know what he'd give you because you haven't invited him to come along!!!!! "

Well, I have invited him to come along.  And I can't even hide how good he is.  I can't stop talking about him.  I can't even believe that he would choose to speak to me.  But he does.  dang.

He chooses all of us.  EVERY one.  He want's us so bad.  He wants us to jump on his train so he can say hi.  So he can be invited.  So he can talk. So he can show you what you really can handle.  What you are really capable of.  It's so much more than you ever thought.

So I laid on my bed today….and I said, "I want to get on your train."…and he said….(If you know me, you know this is huge)…wait for it…

"Buckle up!"

My God is awesome, so awesome I don't have words good enough to describe him.  But he wants to transform me…So I'm going to sit in that seat and buckle up.


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