Monday, November 29, 2010


I am overwhelmed.

I don't know whether to lie on my bed, sigh and cry. Or type as fast as I can to get this whirlwind in writing.

Your love is everything is playing on itunes. I keep hearing, "I will not forget, I won't forget your promises."….and all the promises he has flooded me with play like a slide show in front of me.  He does that slide show thing sometimes. It knocks me off of my feet. Why? because he DESIGNED me to relate in pictures, so when he speaks to me in them, I just melt into a puddle.   When he is tangible like that, life is like a dream, the best dream ever.

So promises. How could I say that God does not shine down on me, surprise me at every chance, love me beyond measure. I couldn't say that. Actions speak louder than words. He comes in actions, daily, hourly, whenever I am faced toward the sky with an open humble heart, and waiting for more.  He comes, he floods.

He takes my sorry broken human body and he scoops it off of the ground, kisses it, whispers again why it's here, tells me he loves me, and sends me back out. Always like a Father.  He is my shepherd.

His goodness is bliss.  It is overwhelming. How did I get it. I got silent. I bowed down, and said, YOU ARE GOD.  And he showed me that he was.  He shows me that he is.  To deny him would be to deny my babies. To deny my very own shadow, or reflection in the mirror.  He is that real to me, more.

The countless stories of his love would cover too many pages.  Plus they are better told in person.  But they include: My rent being paid, my career being every dream I ever wanted.  My babies being here. My family.  My friends.  The wind that comes from nowhere right when I need it.  Continued revelation of the impossible.

Today he told me I was beautiful, and I finally believed it.  I'm dedicating this song to myself today, and I hope you do too.

Mercy Me:  Beautiful

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