Saturday, November 20, 2010

Today not tomorrow

Sometimes the reminders are simple that we need to cherish every moment. 

Sometimes they have the hot sting of being slapped in the face.  They knock the wind out of you with their force, and you cannot remember what breathing feels like.

It is about the people.  It is about the relationships we form.  I don't ever want to be too tired to be there. To be present.  To have my hand ready to extend.  I don't want my friends and family left wondering how much I love them.  How much I cherish their very being.

I feel challenged to live my life like there is not much left of it.  Because there may not be.  We never know. 

Sometimes I get caught up in things that do not matter at all.  Things that get in the way of dancing in my kitchen and painting with my kids.  Am I going to care in two years if I had to throw away a brand new shirt.  Am I going to care next week? No, because in it's place is a beautiful canvas, rock, or vase that I get to keep forever. 

In the place of starting my day answering emails, the memory of sunlight pouring through my kitchen window on messy behead babies while they serenade me and let me spin them round and round.  Or that same window, filled with the even light of a thunderstorm…and us sliding on the linoleum in our socks.  These are the things that matter.  These are the things I will put first.


  1. knowing what is important is the first step in living life fully. You are amazing Kara.

  2. Wow your just a little ball of grateful fire! I knew when you were little you'd be cool when you caught up. You rock your blessed and you inspire others, oh and you where fun little too. sometime I think it would be cool to shrink you.......
    Ok that was left field. I can't believe your a mommy. But I knew you would be a cool one. ;P