Thursday, June 28, 2012

You know me.

I just got back from being at the ocean (pretty much my favorite place).  With one of my best friends, and her precious baby (so 2 of my favorite people on the planet).  And my kids (my absolute favorite people on the planet). 

Life is sweet.

I am humbled.  

I had put my phone down on the beach today, because I just wanted to soak my kids up, and not focus on taking pictures.  And then I realized that they were being so cute I had to capture it so I could look again tomorrow and remember just how sweet those moments were.  MY KIDS ARE STUNNING.  They are fiery and spontaneous, and they love adventure, and they speak their minds.  But mostly, they remind me to believe in GOD.  Sometimes they remind me by reveling in all of His greatness…. talking endlessly of His creation as they just purely ENJOY it all.  Laying face down in the sand and rubbing it through their fingers.  Catching shrimp in the shallow waves.  Looking up at the heavens and squealing with joy.  THEY KNOW HIM.  I stood watching them in of their delight, thinking, I want to live my life like this.  I want to run with open arms to the plan that He has for me, I want to shout with joy and dive in…Or as Chloe exclaims, "kick and punch" the waves!.  I say yes to the freedom that they had today, because I believe that I can have it. 

I had an epiphany today.  Gosh, I love it when that happens.

I came home and was casually looking through the pictures.  I stopped on one of Shai jumping in the waves.  I hardly ever notice that my daughter has 1 finger on her left hand.  I mean, it's a fact, so sometimes I remember, but I don't really NOTICE it.  And in the picture, my eye went right to it.  And then I heard a voice that I know pretty well in my head…."She is perfect." 

She is perfect.  She is the exactly the way she was created to be.  She was made in the image of Him.  She is exactly perfect.  Some might call her flawed.  She isn't. 

You ready for this?

So am I.  Even when I get insecure, even when I stumble…. when I look to Him, I am exactly who I am supposed to be.  Even if it isn't "normal".  Even if it doesn't go with the crowd.  Even if it doesn't fit into the pre-packaged box, or look like the mold from the factory.  Even when I mess it up, or dirty the water….He still says, I am perfect.  Exactly perfect as the one HE MADE ME. 

I have the song You Know Me by Stephanie Frizzell on repeat in my house…

In the lyrics she sings, 

you hung the stars, and you move the sea,
and still you know me


nothing is hidden from your sight
wherever I go, you find me

you know every detail of my life,
and you are good, and you don't miss a thing

You've memorized me.

HE HAS MEMORIZED ME!!!!!! And still chooses to use me, and talk to me, and see me!  Oh how I love HIM.  Oh how I feel redeemed! 

He calls me LOVELY…and I can't deny that when I know how I feel about my precious baby.  And it's not a joke when I say that it's the cutest finger I've ever seen. (it is!)

Oh Jesus, show me the flaws that aren't really flaws and help me to live like I am exactly who I'm supposed to be.  I'll run with my arms wide open to that.



  1. Just found your blog and am so moved. God bless you as you follow Him!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! You are amazing! So so gifted in a myriad of ways.